About Us



Fluffy Scrunchies is a handcrafted Family Owned hair accessories store located in Decatur, GA.  Our scrunchies were created for long hair, curly hair, short hair, medium hair, and big hair. The Fluffy Scrunchie was designed for EVERYONE of all ages in mind.  All scrunchies at Fluffy Scrunchies are handmade by the founder and finished by her husband and two daughters.  Our wide range of scrunchies mean, you WILL find the right fit for yourself, and anyone you are gifting. 

Fluffy Scrunchies aims to provide everyday solutions to ALL people, EVERY texture, and ANY length of hair.  

The aim of Fluffy Scrunchies has and will always be about comfort.  We are a hoodie and legging type of company.  You can catch us in the fall/winter months wearing a comfy sweater, with leggings and the perfect scrunchie and a messy bun, and in the Spring and summer months, with a t-shirt, jean shorts and our signature Birkenstocks, with the perfect fluffy scrunchie in yet again another messy bun! 

Scrunchies = Comfort